Bead Blasting

Bead Blasting is a dry process of using soda-lime glass beads which is manufactured for impact blast finishing applications.

The beads are spherical and smooth in shape and are used for a wide variety of applications.

The typical applications that the bead is used for is Sheen Surface Finishing, Cleaning and peening. It is used for general cleaning of tarnished components and is ideal for cleaning sensitive areas of automotive parts, discolouration, and welding marks on non ferrous metals to leave a nice clean finish. The soda-lime glass bead leaves the component with a satin type finish and can cosmetically blend and cover surface defects.

All items to be blasted must be free of any rubberised substance or grease prior to the blasting process and the prices on the other page of the website is a general guide for items being free of any rubberised substance or grease, but will undertake this work for a small additional cost.

We only use top quality beads supplied from a leading manufacturer with many years of experience in the industry which is replaced on a regular basis to ensure the best possible finish.

Please contact us if you require further information or to discuss your requirements as we will be happy to help.