Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning is a cleaning process for the rapid and complete removal of contaminants/carbon build up from objects by immersing them in a tank of heated liquid using high frequency sound waves.

The ultrasonic energy enters the liquid within the tank and causes the rapid formation and collapse of minute bubbles known as cavitation.

The bubbles travel at high speed around the tank causing them to implode against the surface of the item submerged in the tank with an enormous amount of energy which gently lifts contamination off the surface and deep inside nozzles and cavities.

Ideal for cleaning:


Injection nozzles

Cylinder heads

General engine parts

We only use chemicals in our process that have been tested on our own components and that are suitable for non-ferrous and ferrous metals to ensure that they do not cause corrosion. We do not use washing up liquid during the process as this can cause corrosion to certain types of metals.

Please note that this process will not remove paint and only acts as a cleaner and will not give the same results as having components vapour blasted. The item also has to be stripped down to enable the contaminants to escape during the cleaning process.

Please contact us if you require further information or to discuss your requirements as we will be happy to help.